Bala Global provides a fresh and dynamic addition to the sales and marketing industry of America. Based in Maryland, we are one of the state's premier marketing firms and we specialize in customer acquisition through face-to-face promotional marketing and sales campaigns. We strive to continuously deliver exemplary customer service and marketing tactics to our clients.




Retail Events

We specialize in engaging with consumers in-person to close a sale. This enables us to build a rapport with every individual we speak to as well as address any concerns they may have.

Campaign Management

We represent your brand in a high quality sales process, which allows us to carefully control the rollout from campaign developments to face-to-face interaction and engagement.


Market Research

We undertake thorough market research to create an innovate campaign that presents your product’s unique selling points effectively to your target demographic.


Brand Awareness

Our form of direct marketing is renowned for boosting your brand’s profile in your chosen market, leaving consumers with a positive perception of your business and products.

Brand Loyalty

By meeting with your customers in-person, it enables us to establish and nurture meaningful relationships and in turn this will enhance loyalty to your brand.


We possess years of experience working within the marketing industry and are on hand to offer advice and help you get maximum results from your campaign.


Bala Global


Address: 111 South Calvert St.

27th Floor

Baltimore, Maryland 21202

Phone: 410-657-8323